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Transportation Law

Our firm boasts a solid experience in transportation legislation, enabling us to effectively represent the interests of boat owners, shipping and cargo companies, maritime transportation management companies, transport agents, charterers, aviation companies, international road transport, and rail transport.

We extensively practice national and international road, aerial transportation law, as well as maritime law and transportation law in Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland.


Specifically, our firm offers:

  • Advice on the acquisition, financing/mortgaging of sea vessels and yachts

  • Management of cargo operations, pricing of local ports

  • Drafting of contracts related to crew management and navigation

  • Advice and negotiation on charter contracts, charters, bills of lading, and other maritime transport contracts

  • Resolution of maritime transport disputes, including maritime arbitration, disputes between charters and lessees

  • Advice on maritime insurance and its alternatives

  • Purchase, leasing, exchange of containers and maritime equipment

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