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Commercial Litigation

Our firm is your essential legal ally in commercial and industrial litigation. Our team of experienced lawyers provides strategic and effective legal representation to protect your commercial interests across a broad range of disputes.

Commercial and Contractual Litigation: We specialize in managing disputes related to debt recovery and enforcement actions. Our expertise extends to commercial leases, contract termination, and the breakdown of negotiations. We also effectively intervene in litigation involving distressed companies, providing sensible solutions to navigate these complex situations.

Competition Law Litigation: Our firm is at the forefront of competition law issues. We handle cases of prohibited agreements, unfair competition, and abuse of economic dependence. Our approach aims to ensure your business practices comply while vigorously defending your rights in disputes.

Industrial Litigation: We have significant expertise in industrial litigation, dealing with issues such as non-conforming supply, contractual liability, and technical expert assessments. Our team combines legal knowledge and technical understanding to offer solutions tailored to the specific challenges of the industry.

Alternative Dispute Resolution: We believe in the power of negotiation, conciliation, and mediation to resolve disputes efficiently and less contentiously. Our firm is experienced in conducting these processes, always aiming to preserve business relationships and find win-win solutions.

International Arbitration: Our expertise extends beyond borders, offering valuable assistance in international arbitration procedures. Whether in France or abroad, we represent your interests with precision and tact in these complex contexts.

Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in managing your commercial and industrial disputes.

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