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Présentation du  notre cabinet

Based in Lyon since 2009, our firm specializes in commercial law and tax law in France and internationally.

Presentation of our Firm

Our firm was founded in Lyon in 2009.

From the outset, we chose a multi-faceted positioning, both local and European, aiming to achieve two main objectives:

  • To ensure proximity to our clients, to better assist and support them on a daily basis, both in advisory (tax, contractual) and in litigation matters,

  • To provide answers to the expansion needs of our clients in international markets, through an increased presence abroad, with correspondents located in our European neighbors.


A French and International Clientele

Leveraging our international experience and numerous partnerships abroad, the firm offers all its clients in France and Europe personalized and secure support, thanks to recognized expertise in international structuring and cross-border contracts.

Over the years, our expertise has attracted foreign clients wishing to invest in both France and Europe. The firm thus assists numerous French and international groups with all their cross-border transactions.

Our sectors of activity


Tax Law

Our law firm specializing in tax law is dedicated to providing high-quality legal services in the complex and constantly evolving field of tax law. With unparalleled experience, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of services to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.


Our areas of expertise in tax law include:

Strategic Tax Planning: We work closely with our clients to develop effective tax strategies that minimize their tax burden while fully complying with current tax legislation.

Tax Compliance: Our team ensures that our clients meet all tax obligations, including income reporting, tax return preparation, and handling tax disputes.

Tax Litigation: In the event of a dispute with tax authorities, we are here to represent our clients before tax courts and tax authorities to resolve conflicts fairly and efficiently.

Business Transfers: We assist our clients in navigating the complex tax aspects of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and corporate reorganizations.

International Taxation: For businesses and individuals with international interests, we offer expertise in international taxation to minimize cross-border tax implications,

Estate Planning and Trusts: We help our clients develop estate planning strategies that protect their assets and minimize estate taxes.

Investment Taxation: For investors, we provide tax advice on investments, including real estate, securities, and other assets.

Our commitment to excellence, our in-depth knowledge of tax law, and our client-focused approach make our law firm the ideal choice to meet your tax needs. We are determined to work in partnership with you to achieve your financial goals while complying with applicable tax laws.


Commercial law

Transfer and Sale of Business Assets: We offer comprehensive expertise in drafting the deeds for the transfer of business assets and setting up lease-management contracts to secure your commercial operations.

Commercial Lease Management: Our team specializes in the formulation and follow-up of commercial lease contracts, ensuring a strong legal foundation for your commercial space.

Support for Acquisitions: We guide entrepreneurs through the business transfer processes, including LBO operations, the development of asset and liability guarantees, and the implementation of Dutreil agreements for family business transfers.

Optimization of Distribution Networks: We structure your commercial relationships by drafting and revising franchise agreements, exclusive or selective distribution, as well as general terms and conditions of sale or purchase, and managing collaboration with commercial agents.

Professional Real Estate Transactions: Our legal assistance covers the acquisition of industrial or commercial properties, as well as the creation of real estate civil companies, aligning your investments with your strategic goals.

Mandates and Partnerships: We handle the management of your corporate mandates and the development of industrial partnerships, implementing customized legal strategies to enhance your professional collaborations and alliances.


Corporate Law

Incorporation: Determination of the appropriate legal form and specificities of the company based on your project, drafting of the statutes, shareholders' agreement, and ancillary documents, support for startups.

Sales and Acquisitions: Assistance in negotiation, drafting of documentation (letter of intent, sale and purchase agreement, asset and/or liability guarantees, etc.)

Restructurings and Partnerships: Support in your merger/acquisition operations and external growth, capital investment, or joint ventures, etc.

Corporate Executives: Advice on the tax and social status of executives as well as their civil and criminal liability.


Bankruptcy law

Our firm offers you an appointment for an audit of your legal and financial situation, in order to determine which tools can be used to anticipate difficulties or consider initiating a recovery or judicial liquidation procedure, by assessing all legal and financial consequences, especially in regards to the director.

In the face of economic difficulties, we support you in managing your customer accounts, for the recovery of your debts.

The Firm offers support to your company in the context of preventive steps and procedures, including: safeguard procedure, ad hoc mandate, judicial recovery, judicial liquidation, continuation or transfer plans.

The opening of a collective procedure (recovery or liquidation) follows complex legal rules, which require the director's support in each of the following phases: filing the declaration of cessation of payments, hearing for the opening of a recovery or liquidation procedure, contesting the opening of a recovery or liquidation procedure, assistance during appointments with the trustee or liquidator, implementing a recovery plan, hearings before the supervising judge.


Commercial litigation

Commercial and contractual litigation: debt recovery and enforcement measures, commercial leases, termination of contracts and breakdown of negotiations, litigation of distressed companies

Competition law litigation: prohibited agreements, unfair competition, abuse of economic dependence,

Industrial litigation: non-compliant supply, contractual liability, technical expertise,

Alternative dispute resolution methods: negotiation, conciliation, and mediation,

International arbitration: assistance in arbitration proceedings both in France and abroad.


Transport Law

Our firm has extensive experience in transportation law, enabling us to effectively represent the interests of boat owners, shipping and cargo companies, maritime transport management companies, transport agents, charterers, aviation companies, international road transport companies, and rail transport companies.

We practice extensively in the legislation of both national and international road transport, air transport, as well as maritime law, including Italian, Belgian, and Swiss transport law.


Specifically, our firm offers:

- Advice on the acquisition, financing/mortgaging of sea vessels and yachts

Management of cargo operations, local port tariffing,

- Drafting of contracts related to crew personnel and navigation management

- Advice and negotiation regarding charter contracts, charters, bills of lading, and other maritime transport contracts,

- Resolution of maritime transport disputes, including maritime arbitration, disputes between charters and lessees,

- Advice on maritime insurance and its alternatives,

- Purchasing, leasing, exchanging containers, and maritime equipment.


Personal data protection

The law on personal data protection and privacy imposes numerous obligations and constraints on legal entities (companies, associations, local authorities, public institutions, etc.) whose non-compliance can lead to criminal sanctions. The CNIL conducts multiple inspections, for which companies must be prepared.

Our firm regularly works with companies, especially in sensitive sectors (banking, insurance, health, pharmaceutical industry, etc.).

We offer our clients a wide range of services in personal data matters, including conducting personal data processing audits, assistance and advice in implementing personal data regulations, assistance with the formalities to be completed with the CNIL, raising awareness of the obligations incumbent on the personal data processing controller, and drafting personal data transfer contracts or internal policies.


Labour Law

In employment law, our firm is dedicated to providing exceptional legal advice and representation for both employers and employees in all aspects of employment law. With a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of services to address issues related to the workplace.

Our areas of expertise in employment law include:

Advice for employers: We assist employers in developing policies and procedures compliant with labor legislation, as well as managing employee relations to minimize disputes.

Advice for employees: We offer legal advice to employees facing employment-related issues, including unfair dismissal, workplace harassment, discrimination, and violations of workers' rights,

Drafting of employment contracts: We help employers draft solid, law-compliant employment contracts, and advise employees on contracts offered to them,

Conflict resolution: We specialize in resolving employment-related conflicts, whether through negotiations with employers, mediation, arbitration, or litigation before the courts,

Discrimination and harassment rights: We fight to protect the rights of workers who are victims of discrimination based on sex, race, religion, age, nationality, sexual orientation, or other grounds, as well as against workplace harassment,

Labor regulation: We assist businesses in navigating complex labor laws and regulations, including wage standards, working hours, health and safety at work, and compliance with labor laws,

Collective bargaining: We advise employers and unions in collective bargaining, drafting collective agreements, and resolving union disputes.

Workplace privacy rights: We help protect workers' privacy rights while respecting employers' needs for surveillance and security.

"There is no more eloquent lawyer than the heart"

Sylvain Maréchal  ( 1788 )

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